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What is the Crowdfunidng4Culture Pilot? 

In 2015 The European Parliament approved a budget line (15 04 77 08) for a pilot project on 'Kick-starting the cultural economy (crowdfunding)', whose aim is "the identification and analysis of best practices in Europe's crowd funding market in relation to cultural organisations".

Under this mission, Crowdfunding4Culture was launched in February 2016 under a consortium led by IDEA Consult, and its partners European Crowdfunding Network and Ecorys. The mission of Crowdfunding4Culture is to facilitate the connection between creative professionals and organisation with crowdfunding, by identifying, analysing and publicising the best practice in Europe’s crowdfunding market in relation to the cultural and creative sectors (CCS) and to provide an overview of the different crowdfunding models currently operating in Europe which can be used to finance cultural projects.

Crowdfunding4Culture is an EU funded initiative that investigates:

  • the way crowdfunding works for the cultural and creative sector;
  • the type of projects and funds crowdfunding is used for;
  • the number of platforms used and their specific details (fees, models, sector focus, languages, location etc...)
  • the do’s and don’ts of setting up a crowdfunding campaign
  • examples of matchfunding with public grants or private sponsorship
  • and much more …

Based on datat gathered from nearly 75,000 creative crowdfunding campaigns, the study provides a unique insight into the uptake of crowdfunding since 2013 across different CCS subsectors and EU Member States, as well as into the use of different crowdfunding models, average amounts being raised and success rates.

The study also puts forward recommendations to local, regional and EU policy makers on what is needed for crowdfunding to further develop as a multi-purpose tool for CCS practices. The study “Crowdfunding: reshaping the crowd’s engagement in culture” maps and analyses how crowdfunding is currently being used for the benefit of cultural and creative activities, and evaluates the extent to which barriers hamper the further integration of crowdfunding in the financing mix and broader practice of CCS actors.  As the topic of crowdfunding for CCS touches upon the interest and activities of several stakeholder groups (CCS actors, intermediary organisations supporting CCS actors, crowdfunding platforms, backers and policy makers), the research combined the perspectives of each of these stakeholder groups to come to a 360° analysis. The research included literature review, stakeholder interviews, data and case study analysis, surveys, expert workshops and crowdsourcing on barriers and options for policy action. Read our final report here.

Apart for the report, the Crowdfunding4Culture study includes 12 case studies , a Platform Map of all crowdfunding platforms active in culture in Europe as well as the First European Conference on Crowdfunding for Culture in Europe. 

Crowdfunding4Culture is part of a pilot project commissioned by the European Commission to IDEA Consult and its consortium partners ECN and Ecorys.

More information can be found on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you have any questions on the project please contact Isabelle De Voldere (project manager) at Isabelle (dot) De Voldere [at] ideaconsult (dot) be

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Who is this website for?

Crowdfunding4Culture is aimed at cultural and creative professionals (freelancers as well as organisations), crowdfunding platforms, backers, as well as local, regional and European policy makers.

Crowdfunding4Culture has the ambition to become a European wide information hub for anyone who wants to learn more about using crowdfunding in the cultural and creative sectors, the different models and platforms, lessons to learn from (un)successful projects and tips and tricks on crowdfunding campaigns.

What information can I find here?



Are you a creative or cultural organisation wanting to know more about crowdfunding? Then you are at the right place. As a cultural/creative professional you can use this website to view and compare different crowdfunding platforms and find information and guidelines about crowdfunding. You can explore our 16 crowdfunding examples and case studies and learn from other creatives or cultural organisations as well as access our wide list of free resources to help you with building your campaign.  


Crowdfunding platform

As a crowdfunding platform, you can learn about opportunities of crowdfunding in the cultural and creative sectors as well as existing barriers. Here you can find information about other platforms across Europe, their business models, and learn about existing partnership models between platforms and other types of financiers. Can you not find your platform on our platform map?  Please fill in the form or send us an email at info@crowdfunding4culture.eu 




Crowdfunding is opening new ways of conducting philantropy and patronage as well as investing in the cultural and creative sectors. As a foundation, corporate or philanthropic organization, or individual investor you can explore the diversity of cultural and creative projects being crowdfunded across Europe, understand the difference between platforms and their funding models as well as find new ways of supporting bottom-up cultural intiatives. You can also explore matchfunding partnerships between private funding and crowdfunding platforms to find inspiration and learn how to lunch a collaboration with a platform.


Policy makers

Policy maker

As a policy maker, you can examine the crowdfunding ecosystem, read on existing match-funding initiatives across Europe and find policy inspiration. You can also explore matchfunding partnerships between public funding and crowdfunding platforms to find inspiration and learn how to lunch a collaboration with a platform.

Want to know more? Read our final report "Reshaping the crowd’s engagement in culture" 

Four phases of the pilot project: Analyse the Impact of Crowdfunding for CCS in Europe, Assess the Crowdfunding Market for CCS, Informative and Interactive Website, Crowdfunding conference, Brussels June 2017