Flemish Heritage Library online toolbox for crowdfunding in the cultural sector

The Flemish Heritage Library has developed an online toolbox for crowdfunding in the cultural sector. Everyone considering crowdfunden can quickly and easily get started with this guide.

The guide is based on the practical experiences of the Flemish Heritage Library Bookends, the crowdfunding platform they developed together with the Flemish Literature Fund. Eleven enthusiastic project holders from the heritage sector and five creatives who wished to publish a new literary creation plunged it into an educational fund-raising adventure. That resulted in a lot of knowledge about what does and does not work with crowdfunding. These insights are now made available to the broad cultural sector.

Find out if crowdfunding is for you? How to make it a success? How to choose a platform? What are the rules?

Find here practical infomration on how to:

Step 1: Define your goal
Step 2: Form a team
Step 3: Make a plan
Step 4: Perform
Step 5: Evaluate
Step 6: Hold



Flemish Heritage Library


Wednesday, 21 October, 2015 - 09:00