Rocking 1000

After having succeeded in bringing 1000 musicians together to play FooFighter’s Learn to Fly the band wanted to go and play in Cesena, Italy, and Fabio Zaffagnini wanted to make something even bigger: Transform the 1000 musicians in the world biggest rock band and let them play a full concert.

Name of project: Rockin’1000

Funds collected: €161,940

Number of projects backers: 3537

Sector: Music

Country: Italy

Platform: Eppela (ITA)

Type of crowdfunding: Reward crowdfunding (All or Nothing)



Calling to all 34 million people that have watched the video of their first concert and beyond. They structured their reward crowdfunding campaign as a pre-sale campaign of tickets: the perks they offered were different types of tickets or batches of them. - In little less than 5 weeks they collected the amount needed and could proceed with the organization of the concert which eventually gathered more than 1100 musicians and over 14,000 participants. 




Rockin’1000 campaign turned out to be a great success for a number of reasons: - the unique and unprecedented nature of the project – made by the people for the people – draw much attention and involved several communities. - Fabio surrounded himself of a strong team, who worked hard on communication before and after the campaign, also finding a few local corporate sponsors who contributed to the campaign and to the event. - The form of crowdfunding they chose turned out to be the most appropriate as they could also pre-sell tickets, thus measuring the demand upfront.