Seedrs: Equity crowdfunding


Seedrs is an equity crowdfunding platform with offices in The Netherlands, Germany, America, Portugal and a head office in London. Since its foundation in 2012 it has grown to be one of the leading equity crowdfunding platforms of its kind, with the most active investors in private companies in the UK. Seedrs also offers the entrepreneur a single point of contact with all investors.

The platform has successfully completed over 450 funding rounds with an average of 189 investors per project. Seedrs does not specifically focus on any business sectors, the site only lists projects that fit in with its ethics and which are likely to reach their funding targets.

On average projects are funded, 37% by business angels or partners/institutes and 63% by individual investors. In addition to the large amount of funding, the partnerships/institutions and business angels bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, increased publicity, awareness and support.

A wide range partners have been attracted to work with Seedrs, including ING Bank, where the bank advises entrepreneurs who are inapplicable for loans, of the services Seedrs and crowdfunding can offer and the benefits they can bring. This has led to significant growth in Europe, especially in the Benelux region, with Seedrs looking to replicate the partnership in different geographical areas.