WithYouWeDo: Corporate Social Responsibility and Crowdfunding


TIM WithYouWeDo (WYWD) is a reward- and donation-based crowdfunding platform, initiated by TIM, the leading telecommunications and ICT group in Italy, and technically developed by Starteed, an Italian SME that offers white- label solutions in the crowdfunding and co-creation market. It was launched in December 2014 and offers matchfunding possibilities provided by TIM. The platform is oriented towards projects that incorporate digital technology in one of the following areas:

  • Spreading Digital Culture: schools, art and literature, from protecting heritage to innovation in the expression of creativity.
  • Social Innovation: from innovative projects for solidarity to building new models for integration.
  • Environmental Protection: everything which relates to environmental sustainability.

Since its launch in December 2014, a total of €1,524,402 has been raised on WYWD through the support of 4,167 backers. €157,835 has been matchfunded by TIM to WYWD projects. In total, 71 projects have been posted on WYWD. Out of 26 projects posted on WYWD in the area of digital culture, 46% (12 projects) were successful.

The most important impact of WYWD on CCS crowdfunding, is that it has opened up crowdfunding and has provided additional matchfunding by a private actor, TIM, for digital culture in Italy. Moreover, the support provided by TIM in promoting the WYWD projects and in reaching out to its communities of followers, has given a boost to WYWD projects. The individual and free-of-charge crowdfunding consultancy offered by Starteed further strengthens the WYWD projects.

Besides the partnership between TIM and Starteed, additional partnerships between WYWD and media partners or foundations, accelerate the impact of WYWD on the crowdfunding projects: each partnership allows to reach out to and to engage a wider or new community of backers.